1br - 300ft2 - Use my spare cabin in exchange for work (Finland)

I have a 300 sq. foot cabin. The cabin contains a futon, a single bed, a dining room table, a few chairs, some fans, a fridge that may or may not work, It is nothing fancy. No Bathroom. No running water. No heat. It has electricity on a 15 amp fuse it shares with my garage where my deep freeze is located.

Translation: Do Not Blow The Fuse Without Letting Me Know ASAP

I have a few bunk beds in the neighboring cabin that can be moved over to this cabin and assembled by you if you wish to use them.

This would be perfect for someone vacationing on the scenic north shore on a budget or just needing a place to stay on a very low budget.

My situation and what I need in exchange for the use of my cabin: I have been in a deep dangerous depression for a couple of years and my house has become a hoarding type situation. I am recovering from this mind-state and need out from under this mess. The problem is every single time I start doing anything I end up out of breath, injure my back yet again, or I lose motivation just by looking around. I need someone who isn't currently in this place and is unaffected by it to help me.

I had someone helping me 2 summers ago very briefly but she decided that drinking was more important than ever showing up and helping me. Communication is very important to me and my mental health. Do not ghost me. I have severe abandonment issues.

I figure 4 hours of quality work per day is more than enough to cover you staying here for a day. The cabin you would be staying in is As-Is (a few cobwebs hanging around, a little bit of rat poison pellets still in hard to reach places a dog might still find but I think my friends who were staying in there briefly got them all, and general clutter). There are blankets in there, but I strongly recommend providing your own. The cabin contains a bucket potty system, however if you ask nicely during hours I am awake, you would, likely, be more than welcome to use my toilet in the main cabin.

I live walking distance to a store and a restaurant but I do not wish to give out my exact location except to the person who wishes to do this.

I have a lot of trauma when it comes to men so apply accordingly. Because you will be in my home for most of the work I need done, I will, possibly, be doing a video interview with anyone who wishes to do this so we can see if this is a good match. No kids or Cats allowed. No overbearing personalities need apply.

This could end up being long term for the right person if they had a compatible personality and were willing to put in the work to get the heat working in their cabin. One heat option is repairing the propane heater and getting a new propane tank delivered that they alone pay for. The other option is to get a newer wood stove safely installed/tied-in to the chimney so it vents.

Eventually this will likely end up being well under 4 hours of work per week once the major projects are tackled (2-4 weeks). If you wanna stay living here when the work becomes almost nothing (aside from a lil help now and then) then you need to be here during the hard part. I got a shit back. I will never stop needing help with some basic things. This could last for years if you play it right.

Laundry (washer/dryer) is currently on site but not installed. You'd be helping me install that. I have been without proper laundry for a couple years.

I will be running each person past my therapist because I am known for letting bad personalities into my life.

I don't mind if you have a record. I only look for specific things on your record. (theft/violence/excessive incarceration)

This ad is subject to change or cancellation as CL creepers come out of the woodwork to apply.

So far this ad has attracted: 1 scammer, 3 ghosts, and 4 people who can't read the part that says no kids or Cats.

Updated 5/2/24

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