Star Wars toy collection - $200 (Duluth MN)

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E 4th ST near N 10th Ave E
condition: good
Star Wars toy collection
A various mix of figures, toys and collectibles that was acquired when a friend was moving out of town.Clone wars lunchbox

Count dooku light saber

2 Luke Skywalker light sabers

4 Star Wars collectible cups, 3 with tops

Micro machine, Luke Skywalker

Super Battle Droid Lego set

Stormtrooper Lego set

Lando Calrissian unopened figure

Mace Windu unopened figure

Emperor Palpatine unopened figure

Ewors: Wicket & Logray unopened figure

Boss Nass unopened figure

Ugnaughts unopened figure

2 Lobot unopened figures

50 miscellaneous figures

LEGO 75035 Star Wars Kashyyyk Troopers

LEGO 75089 Geonosis Troopers

Exclusive limited edition PEZ set

7 miscellaneous PEZ machines

Millennium Falcon parts micro machine

Endor globe planet hinge playset

Death Star hinge playset

Tatoooine hinge playset

Dacobah hinge playset

Star Wars fighting figures

Pit droid watch

2 light saber pens

Aluminum container of Hans Solo/Bobo Fet (no watch inside)

Aluminum container of Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader (no watch)

Binoculars toy

Star Wars action fleet guns figure

Large Darth Vader figure

Yoda figure

Yoda head

Micro machine death star

Micro machine Jabbas hut

Jabbas hut figure

Darth maul watch

Photo Slides

Death Star trooper
Gamorrean guard

Jabbas palace micro machine

Darth maul clock

2 Darth maul figures

Darth Vader head

Boba fett Slave 1 Plato mold

Boba fett slave 1 micro machine

Jango fett figure

B Wing fighter

Tie bomber micro machine

Tie fighter micro machine

Obi-wan fighter

Return of the Jedi ghosts

Millennium Falcon micro machine

Rancor figure

ATAT walker

ATST walker

Boba Fett slave 1 ship

X wing fighter

Dewback figure

Ronto figure

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