Domino Spartan - $340 (Duluth)

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condition: good
Late 60’s/early 70’s Domino Spartan. I bought this guitar over 7 years ago as a “husk”…. It was sort of complete and played but looked like something Sonic Youth put through its paces! The Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Jag pups were in it and the electronics were wires directly to the jack… no controls whatsoever! It had some funky black guard with a humbucker to single coil adapter ring at the bridge. The white control plate is original.
I fashioned a new guard based on the original design. The headstock had a few cracks resulting from some heavy handed installed Grover style tuners. The cracks were glued and the tuner holes plugged and re-drilled. Slotted vintage style (Ping?) tuners installed. The fretboard was lifting from the nut side so it was removed and glued back down. Painted the headstock and applied a diy waterslide logo. Bone nut installed. The tremolo was non functional since the collect which holds the arm was trashed and the spring missing. I rebuilt it using Fender Jazzmaster trem parts. The arm is a push-in Jazzmaster(?) don’t remember where the Charvel style tip came from but it looks sweet! Strings float beautifully over the original roller saddles.
Shielded control cavity. The Quater Pound pups are wired with independent volumes and a master tone. Switching is done via a three pole rotary switch for a retro cool vibe… it’s like shifting gears… yeah!!
The Quarter ponders rip! They sound so good! Thick chimey single coil clarity dialed back, blaze when crancked!!
What scale length you ask?… scale is a unique 25”, giving it a string feel in an interesting middle ground… tension yet slinky. Not sure the fret board radius but seems to be around 12” the frets are low and are ok enough but at some point a re-fret would really make this a player.
The I believe the body is alder as is the neck. The body is kind of jazz/guar shaped though wider. The paint is relic’d through the consequences of time and is fantastically abraded!!
This is one of my favorite guitars!! I buy and sell many guitars and this one has held its place due to it’s mojo laden personality! Selling to help fund a family members move.😐. There will be others 😉. Time for it to continue its journey in the hands of another player, make it yours!!!

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