Peavey VTM60 - $700 (Cloquet)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Peavey
model name / number: VTM60

Long story short, this is a modified JCM 800. It's a clone of a Marshall circuit with all the "hot-rodding" commonly done in the 80s - and all wired to dip switches, so you can choose which mods you use. In fact, these were only made for 2 years because Marshall sued Peavey. It's a cool story that James Brown (former Peavey/Kustom/Schecter/Amptweaker) recalled and I'm sure you can find it floating around on the interwebs somewhere.

Let's get the common questions out of the way. I'm sorry if they seem insulting to some of you, but I've had all of these and I would rather weed out the people wasting time I don't have:

Yes, it works fine and sounds great. I'm selling because I don't really use it (maybe 10 hours at conversational volume in the 4 years I've owned it).

Yes, the tubes are fine.

Yes, this is my best price (and lower than every price I have found).

No, I'm not taking a check or EFT. American paper currency, please.

No, I'm not selling the speaker cab with it.

No, I don't have time to record a YouTube demo for you, nor time for you to try it out for 2 hours at max volume and get my neighbors angry at me.

No, you're not borrowing it for a gig or jam night to see if you really like it.

No, I don't want to trade...for anything.

No, I'm not shipping it to you, nor am I driving 200 miles to deliver it.

And PLEASE...if you're interested, be absolutely sure you want it before you respond to this ad. My back hurts and I really don't want to haul 50 pounds of vintage amp upstairs just for someone to change their mind last minute. Yes, that has happened to me...more than once. Please have some courtesy.

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