Icelandic/Shetland ewes - $200 (Carlton)

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condition: excellent

Sheep! Sheep! Sheep! Next years flock will be too big for our pasture. Are you in need of friendly wooly companions? Or maybe meat or milk? We have what you need!

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2. Or add to your current flock and purchase individual sheep
Ewes ½ Shetland ½ Icelandic : Jasmine, Mirabel, (born May 2022)
Lambs 3/8 Shetland 5/8 Icelandic : Ahsoka, Butterball, (born May 2023)

The first picture posted is of Butterball in August before she was shorn. The second picture is a recent picture after she was shorn. Ahsoka has the same coloring.

The animals are in great condition and three are friendly. They love a good chest scratch. Ewes and lambs are dewormed every year. Last deworming was June 7. The sheep are rotationally grazed with about 40 days of rest before they go back into a previously grazed pasture. Hooves are trimmed twice a year during shearing. Last sheared on September 26. Ewes are grain trained, but that is so we can call them to a new pasture, and even then they only get about a tablespoon each of grain.

Icelandic sheep are a triple purpose breed (meat, milk, and wool.) The meat is mild and sweet. The wool is beautiful. The milk, as a friend put it, tastes like ice cream without the sugar. In addition, the sheep are very cold hardy, generally easy lambers, and lambs grow fast. Ewes are first bred at 7 months, and are known for having twins after their first year.
Benefits of the 1/2 Shetlands: smaller manageable size, much faster growing than purebred Shetland, super adorable lambs with soft wool.

$200 for ewes born May 2022 -both had lambs this past spring
$180 for ewe lambs born May 16 & 18, 2023.

Please contact us with questions!
(Phone number is a land-line)
Delivery is a possibility.
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