The problem with cpi etc (St Louis County)

They are in the business of alienating children from their families and primary caretakers but don't understand the full ramifications of that. In order for them to fully understand they would personally need to experience or at least witness the lifelong consequences of parental alienation. It doesn't end when the kid turns 18. It continues for a lifetime leaving these kids with no support network as they grow old.

Because these kids do not have connections with their parents they lose their connections to their extended families. Their cousins, aunts uncles etc. Lacking these normal relationships they become socially stunted over time and lack the skills and role models to teach them how to have relationships with their grown children and grandchildren. So the problem becomes multi-generational. These children that were sadly alienated from their parents, end up alienated from their own children. By the time they are 50, they may have no support network at all and become isolated.

Yes I was alienated from my family by st Louis County social services 35 years ago and this has been my experience. My mother is dying and won't speak to me. She is all the family I have left alive. My kids have abandon me because they lost patience with me for my lack of skills as the parent of adults, my reactiveness due to fear of abandonment and the fact that they never saw me have a relationship with my mother. I am 52 years old and I cry every day. I feel so alone in the world.

I do not drink or do drugs. I am college educated and have done my best to overcome this. I've never hit or abused my children. But it's been a constant battle for me just trying to have a sense of belonging. I feel ostracized, as if I were a child molester.

This is what happens when you alienate a child from their parents. This is real life. If your kid was alienated from you, this is what their life will be if you don't find the strength to overcome it.
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