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Russia..... [×] [undo]

Arab in a taxi (Goes) [×] [undo]

Farmland.... (mindless masses....) [×] [undo]

When dfl meant "something".... (decay'ville....) [×] [undo]

Next theft too will be "acceptable" (on & on.....) [×] [undo]

Sad to say but true....nowdays (broke'ville) [×] [undo]

Why short term limits are needed...... (Superior) [×] [undo]

And these type vote...... (all 50 states) [×] [undo]

Where "career" welfare brought us (national debt) [×] [undo]

Debt ceiling (Hermantown) [×] [undo]

Free Wilbert Gay, Jr. (Duluth Wisconsin) [×] [undo]

Pastor finally tired of it..... (No more layer's of programs...) [×] [undo]

From the past to present's it look'in sheep ?? (anywhere, usa) [×] [undo]

Florida-shows common sense... (sick of the ongoing waste) [×] [undo]

Indians/casino = self inflicted (current times) [×] [undo]

Harley rider & media these days [×] [undo]

Ol'3rd world Mexico has more common-sense than our liberal-goofy gov't (liberal'ville, usa) [×] [undo]

Duluth casino mess (Duluth-but moving out) [×] [undo]

Even the liberal Dutch "Finally" Woke-Up...... (planet earth) [×] [undo]

Sheep.....smell the coffee....indoctrinated chumps (sheep'ville,usa) [×] [undo]

Demorats as ever ....... (dumb & dumber......) [×] [undo]

These so called "Modern & Progressive" Times.... (Cloquet) [×] [undo]

People speak up ! (from neighborhoods - federal level) (decay'ville,usa) [×] [undo]

How to catch wild pigs....... (Hermantown) [×] [undo]

Unfair-my kids of mixed race get picked on (Esko) [×] [undo]

Constant whining in Duluth (Two Harbors) [×] [undo]

Your ongoing gov't..... (fact'ville, usa) [×] [undo]

Media do your job !! (broke) [×] [undo]

Wonder why were screwed..... (liberal jurys at work...) [×] [undo]

How's Your Hope&Change Going...suckwads..(Dems. even outraged ) (Duluth) [×] [undo]

RE: more facts amd figures [×] [undo]

re: Take America back (real'ville/broke taxpayers) [×] [undo]

Some "more" facts & figures.... (dfl'real'ville,broke usa) [×] [undo]

Our "leader" for hope & "change" (koolaid - another refill sheep ?) [×] [undo]

Gov't. at work.....unqualified yucks at work (no-planning.....) [×] [undo]

Bill Cosby (black comedian) (real'ville....) [×] [undo]

Dem. - Rep. or Red (Esko) [×] [undo]

High time for a long time coming divorce (been done long ago) [×] [undo]